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Texas Medical Detox

Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT) forms a significant methodology for helping individuals overcome addiction. Statistics show that drug overdose deaths have more than tripled since 1990. MAT is one of the most effective treatments for substance addiction and helps individuals take that crucial first step in overcoming their condition. Resurgence Texas medical detox also consists of having medical personnel on call to ensure that the detox process continues smoothly. Both of these are crucial to ensuring their success and helping individuals get over the addiction.

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Among the scariest things for an addicted person to do is to enter detoxification. It’s a crucial first step since rehabilitation doesn’t work nearly as effectively if the person still has traces of the drug within their system. Unfortunately, many of the symptoms of withdrawal can be painful or uncomfortable. This fact turns many individuals off from undergoing detox and leaves them vulnerable to overdosing on those drugs.

MAT uses FDA-approved medications to help individuals overcome the first stages of the rehab process. Resurgence Texas medical detox incorporates MAT as a critical part of our holistic approach. Detox tries to cleanse a person from the harmful products that keep them craving a substance. Some medications can help those suffering from addiction by easing their cravings. Other medicines can aid them by creating negative feedback mechanisms when they consume the drug. MAT has a proven track record for improving individuals’ survival rates going through withdrawal and offers a viable alternative to undergo the process in isolation.

Opioid addiction has become a severe epidemic in the United States. What started as clinically prescribed painkillers has descended into heroin consumption. Some patients abuse painkiller use, and MAT gives them an option to escape this constant cycle. Continuous consumption of these chemicals leads to individuals needing them to feel normal. Medications such as methadone and buprenorphine are used to combat the cravings that these addictions present. However, using these drugs brings with it its own series of problems.

Both of these drugs are opioids themselves and don’t directly address the problem of addiction. Under a safe medical setting, these treatments have proven to be quite useful. In these cases, the doctor ensures that the amount of the drug they use doesn’t produce the same euphoric highs as necessary for continuing addiction. The methodology seeks to help recovering individuals by slowly easing them off dependence on the feeling of euphoria associated with the drug. The National Institute on Drug Abuse mentions that these treatments aren’t meant as substitutes but as maintenance treatments.

Drugs Used in MAT

Medical detox through MAT typically utilizes several drugs such as

Methadone: Patients addicted to heroin and narcotic pain medicines have been treated with methadone for decades. Methadone reduces physical withdrawal symptoms by causing the brain and nervous system to change how it reacts to pain. A medical doctor prescribes an amount that doesn’t lead to euphoric effects, which helps patients reduce their association of the feeling with drugs of that type. Methadone is typically self-administered and can be taken once a day as a pill.

Buprenorphine: This medicine is also an opioid, but unlike methadone, it must be taken in a clinic under the close supervision of doctors. Its classification as an opioid means that it typically produces the same euphoric effects and respiratory depression as other medicines of this class. However, there is a certain point where the euphoric effect hits a “ceiling.” This ceiling effect lowers the chance of it being misused. It also decreases the chances of dependency and any side effects associated with it.

Naltrexone: The euphoric effects that persons suffering from addiction crave can be dealt with using Naltrexone. The medicine is a competitive inhibitor, activating the opioid receptors in a person’s body and blocking them from interacting with the drug. Licensed health care professionals can prescribe Naltrexone, which individuals can obtain in either pill or injectable forms. Naltrexone is only useful if the individual using it abstains from opioids for a minimum period of seven to ten days.

Subutex: This medication offers an option for professionals within MAT programs who want something less problematic to deal with opioid addiction. Typically, Subutex is provided to patients at the start of their treatment cycles to eventually transition to Suboxone to deal with their condition’s long-term maintenance.

Suboxone: Suboxone is a combination of buprenorphine and naloxone. This medication suppresses craving and mitigates withdrawal symptoms, making it ideal for a long-term maintenance solution.

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

Medical Detox Support

Detoxification still carries with it significant risk, even when using medicines to help with the process. Medical personnel and nurses are necessary to help some patients ease their transition to having a body free of addictive substances. For individuals who have a long history of addiction, medical detoxification is a critical first step. Without medical support, the risks that come with detoxification could be fatal. Detoxification without medical supervision is an option for those that haven’t been addicted for a long time. However, even in these cases, individuals who try for unsupervised detox run the risk of severe illness.

Detoxification is just the first step in the process, but entering Resurgence Texas allows you to have medically supervised detoxification along with the full support of our staff. Having trained professionals nearby to offer you support, guidance and care will help you overcome this hurdle and help you escape the grasp of addiction once and for all.

More Than Just Detox

Resurgence Texas sees treatment for addiction as going beyond detoxification. We understand that the factors affecting someone’s addiction are not always apparent. Our long-term plan for addiction addresses each person individually, tailoring the recovery plan to suit them. If you or a loved one suffer from addiction, you don’t have to do it alone. A trained staff of medical personnel alongside counselors and therapists can help you to overcome this stumbling block. The first step is deciding that you want to change and get your life back. Everything else proceeds from that first moment.

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.