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GEHA Insurance Coverage for Substance Abuse Treatment

The first step in the recovery process is through an inpatient or medically-assisted detox. Unfortunately, many individuals cannot afford to get the help they need due to financial challenges. Resurgence Texas works with various insurance companies to provide our clients with the best possible coverage options, opening the door to multiple forms of therapy.

Unfortunately, because of a lack of knowledge regarding health insurance and substance abuse treatment in general, people spend more time focusing on the lack of funding to satisfy substance abuse treatment costs than they do the treatment itself. Resurgence Texas believes that with the proper understanding of your health insurance policy with regard to addiction treatment, clients can focus on healing and recovery while allowing companies like GEHA Health Insurance handle the rest.

GEHA, or Government Employees Health Association, provides health insurance benefits for federal employees and US Government workers, as well as their families and any dependents listed on their plans. In the following article, you’ll learn more about Government Employees Health Association, drug rehab GEHA Services, and the coverage provided for addiction treatment for federal employees at Resurgence Texas.

Get Addiction Treatment with GEHA Health Insurance at Resurgence Texas

The most important thing to understand is that GEHA Health Insurance provides funding for substance abuse for federal employees. Drug and alcohol rehab is covered under nearly every health insurance policy in America as per the Affordable Cares Act signed under former President Obama.

If you’re a federal worker, don’t be nervous about seeking help for substance abuse. You won’t be fired for seeking addiction treatment, and you won’t be judged by your superiors or peers. If you want your substance abuse treatment kept confidential, laws put in place prevent the specifics of any time off taken for drug and alcohol rehab from being disclosed to any unauthorized individuals.

Who Does GEHA Drug Rehab Coverage Provide Funding For?

Who Does GEHA Drug Rehab Coverage Provide Funding For

If you fall under any of the following categories, you’re likely eligible for substance abuse treatment under GEHA drug rehab coverage:

Administrative Federal Worker

Administrative workers oversee government facilities’ day-to-day operations, including training new employees and administering payroll. They typically work in government buildings or offices. Some administrative jobs include program specialists, accountants, or human resources workers.

Professional Federal Workers

You can receive substance abuse or mental health services if you’re a professional federal worker. This includes individuals who specialize in complex areas of focus like analytics, budgeting, data, and even government healthcare workers. Government healthcare facilities typically house these workers, in addition to specialty government offices that include lawfirms. Financial analysts, attorneys, and any type of physician falls under this category.

Technical Federal Workers

These workers are usually involved in projects that involve complex concepts, such as testing new products or developing scientific theories and researching them. You probably fall into this category if you work in a government lab. Technical positions include engineers and network admins as well.

Blue Collar Federal Workers

Blue-collar federal workers include anyone working on the construction of any government building, federal HVAC workers, and even housekeeping or hospitality. Custodians, welders, and even road and highway maintenance crews are included in this category and are eligible for behavioral health services for various mental health disorders.

Clerical Federal Workers

Data entry, office administration, communications specialists, and clerks are included in this category of federal employees. Normally, these professionals directly contact politicians in their offices or through their campaign management systems during election years.

What Defines a Government Worker?

What Defines a Government Worker

If there’s ever any uncertainty regarding eligibility for GEHA coverage for any treatment program or policy in general, you’re safe, assuming you fall under one of the following three categories:

Judicial Branch Worker

The judicial branch of government workers generally works at any federal courthouse. This includes the United States Supreme Court or any federal court building.

Executive Branch

Executive branch workers carry out any government operation. This is the most wide-ranging category of government workers, as most federal employees fall under this designation.

Legislative Branch

This branch of federal workers is responsible for the creation of new laws and covers anybody that works under the House of Representatives or the Senate.

Any and all military retirees are included as eligible recipients of a GEHA Health plan.

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

Do Treatment Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers Need to Be In-Network?

GEHA Insurance offers varying coverage levels for drug and alcohol addiction rehab facilities that are in-network or out-of-network. An in-network facility is a partnership between GEHA and a drug and alcohol rehab. Clients are typically only required to pay a small copayment for most facilities that fall into the GEHA network of providers.

Out-of-network facilities are not part of the GEHA network. They do not have an agreement with GEHA. As a result, little to none of the services provided in these facilities are covered by GEHA and other insurance providers. However, in certain cases, a prior authorization form may rectify the situation – but this is never guaranteed.

At Resurgence Texas, we work closely with GEHA insurance plan recipients to deliver our treatment programs for minimal out-of-pocket costs for clients. If you have questions regarding coverage, you can always contact a member of the staff at Resurgence Texas, and we can help you secure a spot at our facility and help you navigate speaking with an agent at GEHA.

What Do GEHA Health Plans Cover for Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Programs?

Medically Assisted Detox

What type of addiction treatment does GEHA Health cover for those struggling with substance abuse challenges? If you’re a recipient of GEHA Health insurance, you’ll have access to the following types of treatment at Resurgence Texas:

Medically Assisted Detox

GEHA Insurance covers medically-assisted detox during drug rehab. Typically, most drug rehab facilities include medical detox as the first step in the recovery process. This portion of drug and alcohol addiction recovery is especially important if you suffer from opioid use disorder, alcohol abuse, or challenges with benzodiazepine addiction.

Medical detox helps you navigate the most physically challenging portion of recovery – the withdrawal phase. This is important for segueing into the mental health portion of recovery – which typically includes inpatient rehab or outpatient services.

While not considered an essential health benefit, most insurance companies cover medical detox without prior authorization. During this treatment, you’ll receive medication and other remedies to keep you comfortable and stable until you completely detox from your drug of choice.

Residential/Inpatient Treatment

Insurance coverage for residential or inpatient therapy is provided by your GEHA health plan. The level of GEHA rehab coverage is dependent on your specific policy, and your out-of-pocket costs weigh heavily on your GEHA insurance premium and other specifics regarding your insurance coverage.

During residential treatment at our rehab center, you’ll participate in support groups, receive treatment for any underlying mental health disorder, engage in daily sessions with mental health and substance abuse specialists, and receive other addiction treatment services. Again, GEHA rehab coverage may cover all or a portion of these services, depending on your GEHA health plan.

Outpatient Services

Resurgence Texas accepts GEHA insurance for our outpatient substance use treatment plans. Outpatient is generally prescribed to clients with obligations outside our inpatient services facility, and they must be home to satisfy these demands. This might include a job, family responsibilities, and other dynamics.

It’s vital that any client engaging in outpatient treatment options have a strong support group consisting of family members and friends who are understanding of your recovery.

Aftercare Rehab Services

Aftercare rehab coverage includes any services that take place post-treatment. This is for the continued focus on recovery, enhancing clients’ chances of remaining successful and proactive in long-term sobriety.

This might include a sober-living house, your primary care mental health specialist, and even medication-assisted treatment for opioid and other substance use disorders. This includes Suboxone and methadone maintenance treatment programs.

What Different Types of Detox and Rehab Therapies Does GEHA Cover?

What Different Types of Detox and Rehab Therapies Does GEHA Cover

During any of the levels of care mentioned above, certain types of therapy are prescribed for clients at Resurgence Texas. Your GEHA insurance plan likely provides coverage for any of the following forms of therapy:

  • Medically assisted treatment. As mentioned above, medication-assisted treatment is generally a maintenance plan that allows clients suffering from opioid use disorders focus on rebuilding their lives without the nagging persistence of withdrawal. This can take place during detox and rehab or as an aftercare service.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment. Dual diagnosis treatment is an effective form of therapy provided at many treatment centers, including Resurgence Texas, that treats any combination of mental or behavioral health challenges. This might include depression and opioid abuse or an eating disorder and methamphetamine use disorder – the potential combinations are seemingly infinite. Dual diagnosis therapy aims to combat the root of the problem to treat the cause and not the symptom. Sessions generally include multiple forms of behavioral health treatment, among other evidence-based therapies.
  • CBT/DBT. Cognitive behavioral and dialectical behavioral therapies are two effective forms of behavioral health therapies aimed at combatting negative behavioral habits, thoughts, and actions and replacing them with healthier ways of coping with substance abuse. CBT is aimed at changing your thought patterns in regard to substance abuse, while DBT is focused on changing the ways you cope with negative thoughts and triggers. Used together and separately, both are extremely effective ways of treating drug or alcohol abuse in conjunction with a mental health disorder.
  • Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy is another powerful form of treatment that is heavily focused on learning new healthy and positive coping skills to deal with life-threatening and destructive behaviors.
  • 12-Step and SMART Recovery. These are both supplemental forms of treatment that exist to build on the progress made during the specialized areas of treatment mentioned above. Both are forms of group therapy that provide clients with a support network of peers and mentors during and after treatment.

Which GEHA Plans Provide Coverage for Substance Use Treatment?

Resurgence Texas accepts the following GEHA plans, all of which help you save on out-of-pocket expenses and give you a successful shot at recovery:

  • The HDHP or High Deductible Health Plan
  • The Standard Option
  • The High Option

All of these plans provide behavioral health services coverage. The Elevate Plan and Standard Option Plan both provide mental health services but not behavioral health specifically.

Use GEHA Insurance to Help Cover the Costs of Rehab

With Resurgence Texas and GEHA plans, your chances of recovery are much higher. A quality insurance provider and a quality substance abuse treatment facility is always a winning combination, and we have a compassionate care team that’s waiting for you to take advantage of both.

If you have a GEHA Insurance plan and you’re interested in attending treatment in Texas, contact a member of our admissions team today.

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.