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Alcohol Detoxification Solutions in Texas

Alcohol can be a dangerous substance that causes untold destruction to the lives of individuals. The very first step in coping with alcohol addiction is detoxification. Resurgence offers a comfortable location in Texas that those who need to detoxify from alcohol can rest and recuperate. With a controlled home-like environment, persons who want to recover from their alcohol addiction can know peace as they get over this hurdle and start regaining control of their

What Is Alcohol Detox?

Alcohol detox is the process of removing alcohol from an individual’s system. Medical monitoring is suggested to deal with any symptoms of withdrawal that may arise. Alcohol detox deals with removing dependence on the substance in a safe environment and preparing the individual for other levels of treatment. Detox itself isn’t a treatment for alcohol dependence, merely the first stage in rehabilitation.

The Impact of Alcohol

The 2018 National Survey on Drug Use and Health found that 14.4 million adults aged 18 and over suffered from alcohol use disorder (AUD). One in four adults claim that they had at least one heavy drinking day over the last year. AUD can be considered an epidemic, since as many as 17% of men and 8% of women will meet the criteria for alcoholism in their lifetime. Seeking treatment is the correct choice.

Do You Need Alcohol Detox?

Alcohol’s dangerous and destructive nature can be seen in its impacts on the body’s processes. Most individuals fall prey to it because of the good feelings it can give to a drinker’s brain, but the truth is that alcohol is a poison. Your body’s natural defenses deal with it every time you drink, but each time it damages your organs a bit more. All of your body’s vital processing parts from your liver to your stomach and kidneys are affected.

The damage that alcohol does isn’t only limited to these areas, either. Alcohol impacts your brain as well, and a lot of addiction has to do with the dependency that it generates. Alcohol detox is crucial in stopping this problem, but before individuals can undergo treatment, they must be overcome the physical aspects of their addiction through detox. Qualified detox specialists are needed to ensure that people who want to quit can deal with the withdrawal symptoms that alcohol may cause once they stop consuming it.

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

Withdrawal Symptoms and Risks

When you consume alcohol over a long period, your brain needs to be far more active to remain functioning normally. Drinking slows down your thinking, and for you to stay functional, your brain processes need to speed up. When you stop drinking, this highly-active state remains. Within the first six hours, you will likely see a range of symptoms, including sweating, insomnia, nausea, headaches, vomiting, shaky hands, and anxiety. After the first twelve hours of alcohol withdrawal, you may experience more severe symptoms such as hallucinations and, occasionally, seizures. For individuals that have been addicted to alcohol for a long time, a much more intense withdrawal symptom known as delirium tremens (DT) happens, which includes vivid hallucinations and delusions.

These symptoms can vary depending on the length of time the person was addicted, their metabolism, genetics, and other independent factors. All individuals that come to our treatment center are monitored by trained professionals 24/7. Our staff consists of several doctors, behavioral health technicians, therapists and psychologists, all working to ensure that the needs of every person within the walls of the facility are met during detox.

What You Should Expect in Alcohol Detox

Resurgence Texas has several therapies and support mechanisms that we offer to each person who visits our facilities.


When a new person enters the facility, we go through our intake process to interview them to find out more about their condition. Here we determine the level of your health, your medical background, and psychiatric and emotional variables that may affect your treatment. We also learn about your comfort level and how dependent you are on alcohol.

Medical Oversight

We offer licensed nurses throughout the day to patients who would need medical support. We also provide medically assisted detoxification, along with the oversight of medical personnel to avoid complications. This means that we address withdrawal symptoms before they occur, to ensure a comfortable withdrawal process.

Treatment Methods

Proper care and therapy are part of the diligent service that Resurgence Texas offers to its clients. Doctors are a critical part of the process, helping avoid convulsions and other potentially dangerous side effects and reduce and prevent the damage that withdrawal symptoms may cause on their bodies.

Therapy and Counseling

Therapy offers those who are suffering from addiction some support to cope with their problems. Counseling is another significant part of the process of helping those who want to quit a habit. Group and individual therapies help offer a support group and personal coaching and understanding for clients’ situations. Detox can be mentally taxing and our on-site therapists are there to ensure that all attendees remain mentally safe while detoxing. Our therapists also help to prepare individuals for the next stage in their rehabilitation process.

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

Alcohol Detox and What it Means for Individuals

Detoxification from alcohol allows an individual to stop the physical dependence that it has on their bodies. It’s the first step in any rehabilitation procedure because an individual needs to be mentally stable before dealing with their physical dependence on the substance. Many persons suffering from alcohol addiction suffer from two different problems – physical dependence and mental dependence on the substance.

Physical dependence pushes the individual to drink because they want to avoid the withdrawal symptoms that are likely to show up if they quit. Their bodies need alcohol to control their brain functions, and it becomes the most critical thing in their lives. Addiction happens when they get to the point that their brains and bodies can’t function without the addition of alcohol to their system.

Mental dependence is different because it’s attached to an individual’s feelings. Many people turn to drink because they need alcohol to numb their thinking. It may be because of some personal trauma or grief or other factors that make them want to drink to forget. Mental dependence is tied to the physical reliance on the substance because of how alcohol interacts with a person’s brain. Within the brain are receptor sites called GABA. Alcohol competes with the brain’s natural chemicals for those sites and leads to drowsiness and a lack of alertness. Addicted persons tend to have their brain operations heightened when they’re addicted to alcohol. Mental dependence causes physical dependence, in that case.

Finding Alcohol Detox that Suits You

Detox is a process that requires someone to supervise your condition. Resurgence Texas can help. Our facilities offer a space where someone can come to detoxify in a non-judgmental atmosphere. You’ll be surrounded by medical personnel so that you can feel safe and protected while going through the detox process. Don’t take a chance on your life. Let Resurgence help you to start the rehabilitation process from your alcohol addiction.