Sober Living For Residents of Arlington, Texas: Choose Resurgence

After residential treatment, many people find they don’t have stable housing to return to and feel they would like to live somewhere with more structure, with people who have more experience with addiction and recovery. A sober living home is a solution to this issue.

Sober living homes have rules and structure to keep you accountable and responsible for yourself and your actions.

  • There are very strict, high-accountability homes where no visitors are allowed and a schedule and activities are facilitated by staff. This is a good option for someone with a history of relapse.
  • Traditional sober homes are more relaxed, with a combination of freedom and structure. You can come and go as you like but have daily tasks and responsibilities in the home. Often, residents will have to take drug tests, participate in programs, and demonstrate efforts toward long-term recovery.
  • Some homes have 24-hour, on-site medical care, with psychiatric nurses, and licensed clinical social workers for those with dual diagnosis, or other health issues.

Recovery, and re-learning to live life as a sober person is a very individual process that is different for everybody. At Resurgence, we can refer you to homes in your area that are a good fit for your unique situation and needs. A sober home will keep expectations high, provide peer support, and offer structure, and scheduled activities in a substance-free environment. In a sober home, you won’t feel isolated or lost during recovery. You can reinforce the lessons learned in rehab, and develop healthy coping skills while transitioning back to everyday life. A sober living home will improve your chances of staying drug-free, long-term.

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Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

Benefits of Sober Living with Resurgence

Living in a sober home can promote lasting recovery. If you are worried about being able to stay alcohol and drug-free on your own, or if you don’t have a structured, sober-friendly environment to return to after residential rehab, you should move into a sober residence. Staying in a sober living home will give you the structure you need, and a supportive environment while in recovery.

A sober home can help you with making amends to people in your life who were affected by addiction, finding a job, finding housing after treatment, and transitioning back to life in an unstructured environment.

Resurgence can refer you to sober homes in your area. Each home has a set of rules like requiring active participation in recovery meetings, random drug, and alcohol testing, participating in house chores and attending house meetings, on-time fee payments, curfews, and no drugs, alcohol, or overnight guests. They may also require involvement in work, school, or an outpatient program. You will be expected to behave responsibly, and a sober home will hold you accountable for your actions.

Combined with the support and community found at Resurgence, you will be able to maintain and commit to your recovery goals, living an independent, healthy, and sober lifestyle.

Why Choose Resurgence For Sober Living

Resurgence is the best choice for sober living. Alongside our referrals to homes in your area, we also provide outpatient programs and an alumni network that will continue to reinforce your recovery skills and give you support as you live your life.

Resurgence’s trauma-informed outpatient programs work with your unique situation, giving full support and care through meetings and therapy, alongside the freedom to return to your responsibilities like work, school, or family. Outpatient rehab through Resurgence will give you the opportunity to apply new coping skills to real-life scenarios, with structure and support that is tailored to your individual needs.

You will have access to our vast sober community, which fosters sober friendships and offers mentorship. At Resurgence, you are encouraged to remain in our aftercare programs while you stay in sober living, and beyond. We want to be there for you for as long as you need.

Women's Sober Living

Women have specific, gender-based issues they have to deal with when entering a sober living home, and staying in a women’s only sober home may be helpful.

Issues of trauma or abuse may come up. There are gender-specific stigmas associated with women and addiction that can be addressed, and some women will feel safer in general if there are no men in the home. Child and elder care often falls upon women, and this may need to be addressed as well.

Some of the benefits of a women’s only sober home include staying in an environment free of stereotyping and sexual harassment, female empowerment is promoted. You will build the skills and tools needed to live independently, with or without a man in your life. It is sometimes easier to relate and connect to other women about addiction, and life in general. You will not be silenced, and your needs will not be dismissed as a “woman’s problem”.

Men's Sober Living

Men can also face specific issues during recovery. In a men’s only home, there will be fewer distractions, so that you can focus on yourself, staying sober, and working on your recovery skills. In the early days of recovery, men specifically may be prone to outbursts of violence or compulsive behavior, so it may be safer for other populations to be separated at this time.

Sometimes men will feel more comfortable discussing topics like violence, sexuality, mental health, and crime without the presence of women. Discussing relationships, and emotional issues, and trauma from a male perspective is beneficial. They can build a network of peers, form sober male friendships, and work together to combat the stigma and perceptions of weakness and “unmanliness” that surround losing control of life due to drugs or alcohol.

Addiction is a disease that can affect a person of any gender or background. Whichever type of housing you decide is right for you, Resurgence will remain connected through our outpatient programs and alumni network, to give support for as long as you need.

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.