MAT Addiction Treatment for Residents of San Antonio

While addiction treatment that is centered around behavioral therapy, medical detox, holistic treatments, drug rehab, and aftercare services is a very effective way to overcome drug and alcohol addiction, there are times when more help is needed to sustain recovery. If you have been through rehab before or suffer from a severe substance use disorder then medically assisted treatment or MAT could be right for you.

Our MAT addiction treatment for residents of San Antonio gives you a way to overcome even the most severe addictions, helping to prevent relapse so that recovery from addiction can be sustained. When there is a considerable risk of relapse, then MAT programs can help a person to sustain their recovery even when faced with relapse.

According to research by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), relapse rates for the first year of recovery are among the highest in the process of recovery. As many as 40 to 60 percent of recovering people may relapse during this time. With the ability to prevent relapse, MAT programs become one of the best ways to combat the high relapse rates during early recovery.

Resurgence can help you to manage your addiction and work toward long-term recovery and eventually sustaining that recovery without the need for the medications provided in our MAT program for residents of San Antonio.

Addiction Treatment that
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Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

What is MAT?

MAT programs, or medically-assisted treatment programs, are a special type of addiction treatment program that manages addiction through medication while the person receives behavioral therapy with the aim of eventually not needing either to sustain recovery. It is a long-term treatment plan that may continue for months and even years in some cases.

The effectiveness of this form of treatment comes from the medications that are used. Some of the medications help the brain to function normally in cases where there is long-term damage caused by the use of drugs or alcohol. The medication helps to reduce symptoms such as depression and quell cravings while also helping the person to feel more normal and therefore more capable of sustaining their recovery.

The medication also helps to increase the effectiveness of therapy because the person is in a healthier mental state and thus better able to process their recovery. Behavioral therapy is a required part of MAT treatment because the ultimate goal is to not need MAT treatment anymore and behavioral therapy helps to treat the true causes of addiction so that lasting change can be achieved.

According to NIDA and various studies, MAT programs help to prevent the loss of life due to overdose. For some people, it can be impossible to avoid relapse and when that occurs in someone who has a lowered tolerance from stopping for a time, then the risk of overdose is high. Since the medications can actually block the effects of certain drugs, it helps to prevent a fatal overdose from happening. MAT is therefore a life-saving treatment program for addiction that we offer to residents of San Antonio.

What to Expect During MAT?

Our medically-assisted treatment program for residents of San Antonio can be a part of your inpatient or outpatient addiction treatment plan at our rehab for residents of San Antonio. At Resurgence, we create a personalized addiction treatment plan so that we can maximize the effectiveness of all treatments by providing relevant therapies and treatments.

You can expect to begin your addiction treatment through our standard treatment process that starts with a medically assisted detox. Our medical detox program will deal with the severe withdrawal symptoms that are expected once you stop using alcohol or drugs. With your symptoms safely managed, you can be comfortable through the process.

One of the things that will be explored in your MAT program is the possibility of co-occurring mental health disorders that may be behind your substance abuse. It’s common for people to use alcohol or drugs to self-medicate their untreated mental health disorder symptoms. For example, someone with post-traumatic stress disorder without adequate treatment may find short-term relief through the use of alcohol or drugs such as heroin or meth. While it may help them briefly, it creates far greater problems including addiction.

At Resurgence, we can provide you with treatment for any mental health disorder that you may be suffering from that has caused you to turn to drugs. Understanding and treating the causes of addiction through behavioral therapy and medication where applicable is important in the recovery from addiction.

The behavioral therapy that will be a core part of your treatment for addiction includes treatment models such as dialectic behavior therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and trauma-focused therapy among other evidence-based therapies. You can expect to take part in these programs while you receive medication to prevent relapse and restore brain function.

Various medications are used in our MAT program for residents of San Antonio. Among the medications that you may be given for alcohol use disorder includes acamprosate, disulfiram, and naltrexone. For opioid use disorder, you may be given methadone, naltrexone, and buprenorphine. These medications work to stabilize and normalize brain function so that a person can feel more normal and healthier again as well we prevent the “high” that people are chasing by using alcohol or drugs.

Why Choose Resurgence for Medically-Assisted Treatment for Addiction?

MAT programs for residents of San Antonio at Resurgence are highly effective treatment plans that help to save lives and sustain recovery from addiction. Our treatment services are accredited by The Joint Commission and since we use medications in our medical detox and MAT programs, we are monitored by LegitScript which helps to make sure that their use is both effective for addiction treatment and safety.

Get in touch with Resurgence today so that we can help you to sustain your recovery from alcohol or drug addiction. Through our medically assisted treatment programs for residents of San Antonio, we can help you to overcome even the most severe addiction.

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.